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Positive Body Language
for Leaders

Workshop Materials

Resources for Presenting Online

How to show slides in your video feed

How you can quickly and easily show slides in your video feed for free.

Looking good in video conferencing with minimum technology

12 things you can do in just 20 seconds before your video conference call.

3 Different Set-ups for Video Conferencing

No cost, professional & teleprompter.
Workshop Materials

Body language Resources

Record yourself on camera in order to become a better presenter

To be a good presenter you need to know how other people see you.

Get your hands out of your pockets

How to use your hands when presenting.

How to rehearse your presentation when alone and also with others

Preparation is key. But what is the best way to prepare?

Dont’ say it!

Here are three definite no-no’s.

Body Language Checklist

Our practical checklist for your next presentation.
Workshop Materials

Resources for Dealing with Nerves

5 things to do in the bathroom before your presentation

What can you do five minutes before your presentation if you’ve prepared well AND you’re still feeling unbearably nervous?

Dealing with the psychological effects of fear before a presentation, interview or negotiation

Common psychological consequences of fear.

How to deal with the physiological effects of nervousness before a presentation, interview or negotiation

Proven and scientific advice on getting those fluttering butterflies in your stomach to fly in formation.

Marco Rubio Pauses Speech for Water Break

The next response of your body is to stop making saliva.

How to remember what you want to say during your presentation

The best method for preparing notes.

Storytelling Resources

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