Effective Meetings

Effective Meetings

This workshop is for anyone who has to attend and organise many meetings (online and face-to-face) and aspires to make them more productive, worthwhile and enjoyable.  We will show you how you can easily run human-centric meetings, where time is managed efficiently, decisions are reached, work is done, and ideas are shared and listened to.

How to take the pain out of meetings

We spend an enormous proportion of our time at work in meetings, and this has increased dramatically as we move to virtual work. However, we are consistently disappointed with our meetings and continue to meet in the same mundane manner. Therefore, we need an adaptable and proven framework to help us design and run meetings that will save time, increase productivity and engage our attendees.
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  • Do you attend many meetings, but feel like they are a waste of your time, you leave without any clear or actionable outcomes and are left wondering why the meeting was called in the first place?
  • How can I quickly and effectively prepare for a meeting?
  • What is the best meeting format for my objectives? – brainstorming, information sharing, consensus, decision making etc.
  • How do I keep a meeting running on time?
  • How should I deal with conflict in the meeting?

This course brings a fresh and human approach to meetings using a simple and easy-to-implement framework and a set of versatile tools for different outcomes (e.g. team meetings, brainstorming, and decision-making) in a range of contexts.

The impact on your organisation


Save time by reducing unnecessary meetings


Improved internal communication


Improved communication with clients


Increased output and productivity

How will participants learn?

Engaging and interactive plenary sessions with an expert.
Exercises and discussion in small groups guided by a professional facilitator.
Working alone to prepare a real meeting they need to organise in the near future.
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All participants will benefit from lifetime access to the complete self-taught course containing videos and readings for further learning. This online course is constantly updated with new materials and contains much more than can be covered in the live version.

Learner Objectives

Discover a proven framework and set of versatile tools that will help you plan, structure and lead effective meetings.
Learn how to design and run meetings from a human-centric approach that will save time, increase productivity and engage your attendees.
Have a framework to organise and run an efficient, productive, flexible meeting that serves as an example of how to run a great meeting at your organisation.
Learn how to deal with common problems in meetings – use of technology, heated arguments, punctuality, and topics not previously agreed on the agenda.
Practice techniques to manage time and discussion during the meeting.


From my point of view, the course has been perfectly dimensioned in time and form. The explanations with examples and practical-didactic exercises have been perfectly understood.
Executive at Telefonica
Very entertaining, participatory and with a contribution of material that makes it more complete.
Executive at Telefonica

Tools and Methodologies

Expert Talks

Engaging sessions with an expert on best practices for preparing and running effective meetings.

Participant Interaction

Participants share their experiences and strategies for running different kinds of meetings inside and outside the company.

Practical sessions

Participants apply the techniques presented to the meetings they have to prepare, with feedback from Performing Ideas coaches and colleagues.


Templates, checklists and online tools to prepare and run meetings.

All participants will benefit from lifetime access to the complete self-taught course containing videos and readings for further learning. This online course is constantly updated with new materials and contains much more than can be covered in the live version.

A peek inside the course

In traditional workshops, even the great ones, participants have forgotten much of what they learned within a few weeks. That’s why we’ve created a stand-alone online version of the workshop that they can access forever post-course. Here is an excerpt from the online version of Effective Meetings.
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Track Record

Performing Ideas has run workshops for over 10,000 people across 4 continents both face-to-face and online over the last 12 years. We run training courses for Corporate Universities such as Telefonica Universitas and Capgemini University, business schools such as IESE and in-company for some of the world's leading and most innovative companies. We also work extensively training scientists and medical professionals in the public sector and are a long-time collaborator with Médecins Sans Frontières.

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