Managing Time and Attention

Managing Time and Attention

Do you get lost in emails and meetings and can’t seem to find the time to get YOUR work done?  Discover proven tools and techniques that have helped people around the world manage multiple roles and tasks; organise vast amounts of emails, ideas and information; and expand their output while striving for a better balance between their personal and professional lives.

A practical guide to healthy and sustainable productivity

  • We all have a system (whether we realise it or not) for managing our time, but how effective is yours?
  • How long can you focus on a task without getting distracted?
  • Do you feel like you are reactive to external requests rather than in control of your own work?
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We all need to work on multiple parallel projects, spend an increasing amount of time in meetings and manage huge amounts of information, communication and requests. But we seem to have lost the ability to focus and many of us feel frustrated that we’re not getting our most important work done or achieving our goals.

Therefore, we need to develop our own personal, adaptable and reliable system to manage our time and attention. Without shirking from the complexity of the problem, this workshop provides you with practical tools, tips and techniques to wrest control of your schedule and get work done, whether you work from home or at the office.

Who is this course for?

#1 Leaders

How can you keep your mind free and fresh to think of the bigger picture when you are inundated with huge amounts of information and demands on your time?

#2 Managers

Do you struggle to manage multiple roles and projects?

#3 At-home workers

Are you capable of juggling the responsibilities of having both a successful career and a quality personal life?

The impact on your organisation


Greater awareness of your organisation’s culture of productivity and time management.


More efficient and respectful communication.


Teams develop and agree on ways to manage and share information.


Increased output and productivity.

How will participants learn?

Online cohort-based format - plenary session, pre-recorded videos, small group sessions with a coach.
Interaction with other participants from the same organisation.
Through tools such as digital to-do lists.
Exercises for tasks and project management.
All participants will benefit from lifetime access to the complete self-taught course containing videos and readings for further learning. This online course is constantly updated with new materials and contains much more than can be covered in the live version.

Learner Objectives

Learn how to capture, organise, and engage with your ideas, tasks, and projects using a systematic approach that will lead to measurable breakthroughs in your work.
Learn how to keep track of multiple projects and tasks without forgetting them or allowing non-urgent but important projects to stall.
Find tools that will make you feel lighter, more accomplished and in control.
Get control of your agenda and make decisions about what work/life balance is best for you.
Practice a concentration technique for avoiding distractions and working in busy environments such as the office or from home.
Develop a system for managing email and chat.


More courses like this one please!! :) One of the most useful courses I've done so far!!
Executive at Telefonica
I think it's important for as many managers as possible to do this course. Great that I got to do this at the start of a new role with MSF so that I can implement some of the strategies from baseline. Should be offered to all new employees.
Executive at Médecins Sans Frontières
This course should be made obligatory for all bosses and managers.
Executive at Telefonica

Tools and Methodologies

World-famous methodologies

GTD (Getting Things Done), The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People and 10,000 Weeks.

Project and Task lists

Inbox Zero for email management

Pomodoro Technique for concentration

A peek inside the course

In traditional workshops, even the great ones, participants have forgotten much of what they learned within a few weeks. That’s why we’ve created a stand-alone online version of the workshop that they can access forever post-course. Here is an excerpt from the online version of Managing Time and Attention.
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Track Record

Performing Ideas has run workshops for over 10,000 people in several languages, across 4 continents, both face-to-face and online, since 2007. We run training courses for Corporate Universities such as Telefonica Universitas and Capgemini University, business schools such as IESE and in-company for some of the world's leading and most innovative companies. We also work extensively training scientists and medical professionals in the public sector and are a long-time collaborator with Médecins Sans Frontières.

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