Strategic Storytelling

Strategic Storytelling

This course has been designed to help you bring your stories to the next level. You will learn and practice a proven methodology to tell your stories confidently, clearly and with an emotional impact. You will experience how telling stories helps you make sense of life experiences and learnings.

Make your stories come alive and build compelling narratives

  • When you speak in public, do you feel that your message comes across as dry and boring?
  • How can you use stories to better engage your audience, and when should you use them (and not use them)?
  • Do you find that much of storytelling in business is boring, predictable and self-aggrandising?
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We all know a great story when we hear one and that storytelling is an essential leadership skill. However, the stories we hear people tell at work (and tell ourselves!) are usually boring, self-aggrandising and disconnected from business concerns and strategy. Therefore, we need a simple, adaptable and practical method to help us tell stories that engage our audience and can be combined with data, plans and strategy.


Who this course is for?

This workshop is aimed at managers and leaders from all areas of the organisation who want to effectively talk about the mission, vision and values through storytelling.


The impact on your organisation

Leaders in your organisation will become better communicators and learn how to engage their audiences through impactful and meaningful stories.


Tools and Methodologies

Proven template for making your stories come alive in business contexts.

How will participants learn?

Participants build and tell a personal story, a narrative about their business and their unique origins story, that they can later use in a variety of contexts.

They receive templates to help them structure their stories. 

They practice with colleagues and receive feedback on both the story and their performance.

Learner Objectives

How to find and hone your own unique stories and narratives about the innovative and disruptive projects you are currently working on.
Understand the difference between telling stories in different contexts.
Avoid the most common errors business storytellers make.
Come out with a finished story that engages the audience.
Perform your story for maximum impact.
Storytelling is the way visionary leaders move the world, and Brian has helped me take my best work to the world – he helps me keep my vision strong.
Pablo Rodriguez   
Director at Google´s Office of the CTO

A peek inside the course

In traditional workshops, even the great ones, participants have forgotten much of what they learned within a few weeks. That’s why we’ve created a stand-alone online version of the workshop that they can access forever post-course. Here is an excerpt from the online version of Strategic Storytelling.
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Track Record

PerformingIdeas has run workshops for over 12,000 people across 4 continents both face-to-face and online over the last 12 years. We run training courses for Corporate Universities such as Telefonica Universitas and Capgemini University, business schools such as IESE and in-company programs for some of the world's leading and most innovative organisations. We also work extensively with scientists and medical professionals in the public sector and are a long-time collaborator with Médecins Sans Frontières.

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