future challenges that drive innovation today

Moonshot Thinking

Moonshot Thinking

In this exciting and highly-interactive workshop, we will use our collective intelligence to explore how emerging technologies and societal trends are impacting markets, society, and the environment.

Visualise future trends. | Identify challenges. | Develop solutions. | Drive Innovation.

  • The world, our society, and your business are radically and rapidly changing - do you have the tools to visualise and prepare for the future?
  • Do you find motivation and joy in ridiculously hard problems, welcome having your perspective challenged, and, most importantly, delight in meeting people that think and dream big?
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You know what your clients demand today and you forecast the future of your product or service based on what you currently have in development. But the world, our society, and your business are radically and rapidly changing and factors outside of your sector will drive your clients’ needs. You will be given cutting-edge tools and frameworks to help you visualise future trends and scenarios, identify the key developments that will affect your organisation and roadmap solutions to the big challenges that lie ahead.

Who is this course for?

#1 Leaders

with responsibilities for long-term strategy, innovation and examining opportunities for moving beyond their organisation’s core business.

#2 Creatives

who are willing to challenge the status quo, exploring future trends and scenarios.

#3 Doers

who are committed to developing solutions to complex problems.

The impact on your organisation


Identify, explore and future-proof new business opportunities and help your clients to do the same.


Create sustainable solutions to difficult challenges that are critically important for you, or your organisation, to succeed.


Understand how accelerating technologies will transform business, regulatory frameworks, society, and the economy, and where these disruptive technologies will be within the next 15 years.


Align your teams around the Mission and Vision of your organisation.

How will participants learn?

Engaging and interactive plenary sessions with an innovation expert to discover how Moonshots have been built in real life.
A majority of the time is spent in small groups guided by a professional facilitator in which participants build a Moonshot.
Using digital whiteboards (for online format) for brainstorming and creative doing.
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Learner Objectives

Help you transform your mindset to think bold like a futurist with the strategic capabilities of a business person.
Grow your vision of the future in the next 10-15 years through the cross-pollination of ideas.
Experience Moonshot Ideation & World Building processes.
Discover new ideation methodologies that can be exciting additions to your current R&D processes.


This course has opened up a lot of avenues to solve problems. It gives me a tool to evaluate impossible ideas from customers. Very empowering session for me. I will also use these tools for an upcoming innovation competition I will enter with my team. 
Sachin Gupta
Executive at Capgemini
This course gives a perspective on how to bring this to leadership. Great time spent. Learned a lot!
Arijit Mukherjee
Executive at Capgemini
Great session. Structure and approach was great. I can use this in my day to day work. It also triggered some business opportunities.
Amit Deshmuhk
Executive at Capgemini

Tools and Methodologies

Killer questions



Inspiring narratives

STEEP analysis

Empathy mapping

A peek inside the course

In traditional workshops, even the great ones, participants have forgotten much of what they learned within a few weeks. That’s why we’ve created a stand-alone online version of the workshop that they can access forever post-course. Here is an excerpt from the online version of Moonshot Thinking.
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Track Record

  • The methodology was first developed at Telefonica Alpha (Europe's only Moonshot Factory) where it was used to find and launch moonshots in the areas of learning, energy and health.

    We regularly deliver this workshop in a variety of formats to VPs, directors and innovation teams working at Telefonica and Capgemini (over 500 participants since 2019). We also run an edition for the 2021 Mobile World Congress for a selected audience of politicians, business leaders and representatives of the public sector.

    Examples of other work we’ve done in this area include helping Médecins Sans Frontières imagine the future of humanitarian action, YPO the future of executive education and James Madison University the future of third-level education in a post-Covid world.

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