Art of Gathering - Take the pain out meetings

We spend an enormous proportion of our time at work in meetings, and this has increased dramatically as we move to virtual work. However, we are consistently disappointed with our meetings and continue to meet in the same mundane manner. Therefore, we need an adaptable and proven framework to help us design and run meetings that will save time, increase productivity and engage our attendees.

This workshop is for anyone who has to attend and organise many meetings (online and face-to-face) and aspires to make them more productive, worthwhile and enjoyable. 

Online Course


Small group sessions with a facilitator


4 Hours of Video Classes & 5 hours of small group sessions

Who is this for?
Individuals who aspire to become better meeting designers.

Is this course for you?

The question

Do you attend many meetings, but feel like they are a waste of your time, you leave without any clear or actionable outcomes and are left wondering why the meeting was called in the first place?

The promise

We will show you how you can easily run human-centric meetings, where time is managed efficiently, decisions are reached, work is done, and ideas are shared and listened to.

Course reviews

From my point of view, the course has been perfectly dimensioned in time and form. The explanations with examples and practical-didactic exercises have been perfectly understood.
Senior Executive 
Very entertaining, participatory and with a contribution of material that makes it more complete.
Senior Executive
All types of meetings are dealt with, the videos are very short and not at all dense, the coaching sessions provide a lot of value and it is a magnificent space to exchange experiences and ideas
Senior Leader 
Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF)

Brian McCarthy

Expert designer, teacher and facilitator in the areas of Leadership, Innovation and Communication
Brian McCarthy helps people get their greatest work into the world. He helps individuals, teams and organisations turn their big ideas into reality.

From an early age we are taught to study, analyse and discuss the ideas of others. But what about our own big ideas? How can we learn to better concentrate on our own ideas, structure them more clearly, collaborate with others, and then present them persuasively to the world? These are concrete skills we can learn and improve throughout our lives. My work focuses on how to better form and perform ideas using best practices from the fields of philosophy, rhetoric and performance.

Track Record

  • Delivered multiple times a year on the number-one MBA and Executive MBA in the world (according to The Economist and FT) at IESE Business School
  • More than 8000 participants since 2010. 
  • Taught face-to-face and online to high-level executives and directors at renowned corporate universities such as CapGemini and Telefonica
  • Delivered in more than nine countries across four continents.