Brian McCarthy

Choosing desirable futures after the pandemic.

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When we eventually get back to work, we will be facing a drastically changed landscape. There will be an economic crisis, grief about the loss of life and hardship endured, and uncertainty about how this will affect the future. The old futures we had been anticipating are now in the trash. The pandemic has been a major largely-unforeseen event that has shifted the course of all human history.

Organisations around the world, both public and private, will need to quickly define new visions and strategy adapting to this new landscape. They will then need to clearly and passionately communicate these to their shaken staff, teams, clients, shareholders and communities. Furthermore, many of us will need to find and learn new ways of working together to develop this new vision and communicate it.

Each leader and organisation will be facing unique challenges. There will not exist a single “way” to work together, one “vision” to meet the demands of the new world we now live in, one message to communicate to their audiences.

It will take imagination to find new ways of working together effectively, and at the same time a deep understanding of the fundamentals of how people interact, work, create, and communicate. We will not be reborn as an entirely new species when this crisis is over, we will still rely on and look for the inherent skills they have always made leaders and teams achieve great things in times of adversity.

The team at Performing Ideas will not be waiting for the world to return to “normal”, to go back to doing the same work as we did before. We want to be part of the solution to this crisis, and we want to start helping now. Many people are fighting now on the front line, or working night and day to deal with the drastic impact of the crisis. But leaders also now need to start looking toward the future, not to what they expect will happen, but what they WANT to happen. They need to start getting ready to talk about this desirable future, because soon their people will stop putting out fires and start looking to building again. And they will look to their leaders for a plan.

Please contact us if you are beginning to think about the future of your organisation, about how to start collaboratively formulating a new vision with your leadership team, and about how you plan to tell your people about it. We are an experienced team with a unique set of skills and experience that can help you find the best solution for your problem.