YPO Workshop Barcelona June 2022

By Performing Ideas
Date 6th June 2022

Workshop Materials

Here you can find all the artefacts you made during the workshop, along with the videos and other resources. 
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Below are the results of the brainstormings for the STEEP Analysis, the needs across society in 2030 and the main challenges facing YPO strategic partnerships in 2030

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Below are the recordings of the final improvised performances:

Emmanuel's Team

Doug's Team

Julie's Team3

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The workshop you did was a (very!) short version of our Moonshot Thinking Workshop. Below you can see the full sequence of exercises that we do over 1-2 days in the complete workshop. Click on the image to go to the online version where you can have full access to the exercises:  

Plan of Workshop

If you're interested (you might be as you all run workshops!), here is the plan of the workshop I did with you. I use a great tool called www.sessionlab.com to plan my workshops.

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